Patented innovation "Made in Germany"

With the purchase of a flow bench made by Viscom Automotive you are relying on patented innovation "made in Germany". The patent was granted by Patent Office and protects the FLOWBENCH EDITION product range both nationally and internationally.


This particularly applies to our unique adapter solution for establish and sever a gas-conducting connection between the turbocharger and the test bench. Wherein the adapter has at least one holding magnet, which is suitable to fix the turbo outlet flange of the turbocharger gas-conducting on the adapter. But also the tube support technology of the test stands as well as the test stand itself are covered by the patent.


Therewith you invest in a technology that is unique worldwide, enables a highly efficient workflow and helps you to increase the productivity within your company noticeably.


Patentnumber: 2966431



- international: G01M15/02

- cooperative: G01M15/02


The VISCOM Automotive VNT turbocharger flow bench technology is protected by German Patent Office
The VISCOM Automotive VNT flow bench technology is protected by European Patent Office