ReMaTec 2017: Trade Fair Review

Not a single car can be seen far and wide. Nevertheless, ReMaTec is the most important after-sales trade fair in Europe for the industry. Because the focus is on a large number of automotive components. But also complete systems for the processing of car parts or for the processing of vehicle electronics will be presented. ReMaTec is the world's leading trade fair for the remanufacturing industry.


With regard to the automotive industry, segments such as the remanufacturing of equipment, starters and alternators, transmissions, engines, valve cores and brake and control systems have always been well represented. This time, however, there was a significant increase in electronic components and (engine) control units as well as a growing turbocharger segment.


In addition to new technical possibilities, this is also likely to be triggered by the increasing political attention for this topic. The sustainable character of remanufacturing and the resulting opportunities for cost savings have long been a political issue. In addition, the topic has high economic potential and the remanufacturing industry has recorded impressive growth in recent years. This opens up a recently published market study, which was carried out with funds from the representative EU funding programme Horizont 2020. The study estimates the value of the current European market at just under 30 billion euros. The future outlook is good: experts expect it to triple to 90 billion euros by 2030.


ReMaTec, the world's leading trade fair for the remanufacturing industry, reflected this industry growth. From 18-20 June 2017, the trade fair opened its doors to remanufacturing experts from all over the world. Many big names from the industry had confirmed their participation. With well-known companies such as Autocraft Drivetrain Solutions, Autoenterprises, BorgWarner, Corteco, D&V Electronics, Emmetec, Rufre Diesel Injection, TRW and Valeo among the exhibitors, the fair provided its visitors with a comprehensive overview of the global remanufacturing industry. But also numerous newcomers were represented. This year, ReMaTec was once again an important platform that offered all participants in the growing remanufacturing market in the automotive industry a meeting place for networking.


As developer and producer of one of the most innovative Flowbench solutions worldwide, we were of course also represented with Viscom Automotive and our FLOWBENCH EDITION, presented our patented technology and also had an innovation in our luggage, which is once again trend-setting. With FLOWBENCH EDITION | EVOLUTION we led an intelligent flow test bench for turbochargers with fully automatic test and calibration unit into the demonstration field and aroused great interest among trade visitors and regular customers. This interest, as well as the large number of direct orders for the BASIC, COMFORT and PREMIUM variants, once again proved that the demand for efficient and time-saving Flowbench systems continues unabated.