flowbench edition | Comfort


VGT flow bench for calibrating a variable geometry turbocharger *
(* also known as variable nozzle turbine / VNT)


technical data:

  • Voltage: 230V / 50 Hz
  • Current: 10A
  • Dimensions mm: L:1200 B:690 H:1430
  • Weight: 240 kg


scope of supply:

  • Complete TM-A adapter system® applicable for 95%
    of at the time existent turbochargers (in price incl.)
  • Industrial PC and industrially verified sensors
  • Industrial Software "Windows Embedded" on board
  • Network printer (optional)
  • Industrial TFT Monitor Touchscreen 15.6“
  • Over 1.600 turbocharger measuring references on board
  • Internet connection on board
  • compressor safety lock
  • Instruction manual
  • Server update
Flow bench for variable nozzle turbines VNT